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How To Change A User Accounts Privaliges

This tutorial will show you how to change the privileges that you have given to each user account. If you wish to give a user more or less access then you will have to edit there user account accordingly this tutorial will show you how to do this.

Note: If you have landed on this page because you cannot install ANYTHING then it is most likely that you have a limited account, either log in as administrator or contact your Administrator to change your account access.

Step One

Click on Start and select Run
Hold down the windows key and Press R then click OK

Start menu Displaying Run

Step Two

Type in nusrmgr.cpl then Click OK.

Run dialog displaying nusrmgr.cpl

Step Three

Click on the User Account that you want to change access on.
I'll be demonstrating with my Test Account named Account Name.

Select the account to modify

Step Four

Click on Change the account type

Change account type

Step Five

Select the amout of access you wish to give, either Administrator or Limited
To find out more about how much access each type gives just select them in turn and all the infomation will appear.

Select Account Type Admin or Limited

Step Six

Click Change Account Type This will save the settings.

Save choice by clicking Change Account Type

Access Changed

You have now successfuly changed the amout of access that your user has. Hope this helped.

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