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How to reinstall System Restore in Windows XP

If something has gone wrong with your System Restore program and you need to reinstall it then this is the tutorial for you. By the time you have finished this tutorial System Restore will be installed and working again, just follow the steps below.
Please Note: Before you begin you Will need your Windows XP CD as it is required to follow this tutorial.

Step One

Click on Start and Select Run
Hold down the Windows key and press R

Start Menu Displaying Run

Step Two

Type in, or copy and paste the follow into the Run Dialog.
rundll32.exe advpack.dll,LaunchINFSection %Windir%\Inf\sr.inf

Run Dialog with above Command typed in

Step Three

Click OK.

Run Dialog Press OK

Step Four

Now Click Browse and navigate to your Windows CD
You will need to have your Windows XP CD in now

Files Needed Dialog - Clicking Browse

Step Five

Once in you CD navigate to one of the following folders, dependent upon your Windows CD


I can not walk you though finding this file as much as I would like to because if you have a Backup, Restore Disk, OEM XP CD the file/folders are set out differently. So if the file layout on your CD is different from one of the locations above then you are looking for SR.sys which is usually in the Inf folder although like i said depending on your CD it may be in the i386 folder

Step Six

Once you find SR.sys Double Click on it.

Step Six

You will now see the window below copying all the files over from the CD that are needed for to Reinstall System Restore.

System Restore Files being copied over

Step Seven

Once the installation has complete you will know that its finished when your copying window has gone, you'll need to Reboot your computer for all the changes to take affect, And hopefully you wont have any more issues with the System Restore program.

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