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Remove MSN Explorer from Windows XP

If you don't use MSN Explorer then its just taking up space on your computer 20.7MB of space that could be used for better things, also when you are trying to set up an Internet connection it can cause issues by trying to make you use MSN Explorer rather then a normal connection. Because of this I'm going to show you how to Remove MSN Explorer from your computer giving you back more space and taking away the confusion of setting up an Internet connection.

Step One

Start and control panel
Hold down the Windows key and press R then and type in "Control Panel" click Ok

start menu displaying control panel
Run Dialog box displaying control panel

Step Two

make sure that you are in classic view
You are in classic view if it says switch to category view, if it says switch to classic view then click it

Control panel displaying view type

Step Three

click on Add/Remove programs

Control panel displaying Add/Remove Programs icon

Step Four

click on Add/Remove Windows Components

Add/Remove Programs displaying Add/Remove Windows Components

Step Five

In the window you have just opened "Windows components wizard" scroll down until you find MSN Explorer UN-check MSN Explorer and Click next

Windows Components displaying MSN Explorer

Step Six

Now that you have clicked next you will see this screen (image below) while windows removes MSN Explorer from your computer, this will only take a few moments.

Windows Components Removing MSN Explorer

Step Seven

Click Finish

Windows Components displaying Close button

Step Eight

close Add or Remove programs window

Add or Remove Programs close button

Step Nine

close control panel window

Control panel close button


You have now removed Msn Explorer from your computer and while doing so you have gained 20.7MB in space, and there should now be no confusion when setting up a dial up network.

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