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How to Manually Update Windows 8

Making sure you have the latest Windows Updates installed is an important factor in keeping your computer safe and running smoothly, overtime problems are found in the Windows software and security and updates are released to make fix these issues ensuring that you have a smooth experience. Windows 8 does install updates automatically, this tutorial is for those who want to install the updates manually. Keeping Windows 8 up to date is important not just for your general user experience but also for your own security and privacy, below I'll show you how to manually update Windows 8.

First we need to open the Settings Charm by holding down the Windows key and pressing I
Click Change PC Settings in the bottom right.

Windows 8 settings charm

Select Windows Update on the left a the bottom and Click Check for updates now.

Windows update

Windows 8 will now check for the lastest updates you need to install.

checking for windows updates

Click on We'll install 8 important updates automatically Your number will be different.
You'll now be able to see the updates ready to be downloaded and installed
To install updates now click the blue button that says Install.

updates to install

Windows 8 will now download the listed updates.

downloading updates

Windows 8 now prepares the updates ready to be installed.

preparing updates to install

Finally Windows 8 will begin to install the downloaded updates.

installing updates

You'll most likely need to restart your computer to finish installing the updates, Click Restart Now.

Finish installing Windows updates

Your computer will not begin to shutdown and finish off installing the updates, this may take some time please be patient.

configuring windows updates

Once your computer has restarted if you go back to Windows update you'll notice that no updates need installing. Your computer installed all the needed windows updates and is now up to date.

no important updates to install

You now know how to install Windows 8 updates manually, although Windows 8 will check for and install updates automatically its always a good idea to know how to do something manually just incase something goes wrong or you need it done now not later.

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