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How to use the Search charm in Windows 8

The new Search Charm in Windows 8 is a very powerful tool that you can use to search your entire computer, and can even be used to search things within apps. Below I'll show you how to access the Search Charm and how to use it to find what you need.
The two main ways you will open the Search Charm are as follows:

1. You can open up the Charms bar it's self by holding down the Windows key and pressing C and select the Search Charm from the list. More information on opening the Charms bar can be found here.

charms bar

2. To open up the Search Charm directly hold down the Windows key and press Q.

search charm

Using the Search Charm is relativity straight forward, you type what you are searching for into the search box on the right as seen in the image below.

example search

Lets explain the Search Charm in a little more detail:

Anything you search for will be displayed on the left side of the screen, however the list on the right under the search bar tells you what location you are searching or what type of item you are searching for. Make sure you select the one thats appropriate for your search.

For example in the above image we was searching in Apps and in the image below we are searching in Settings.

search type

Now you can search in various locations or even in apps, the three main places you are likely to search are Apps, Settings and Files.
Apps - This will let you search for Applications installed on your computer.
Settings - Usually being places to configure your computer such as Control Panel.
Files - All files you've saved such as Word Documents.

You can search in the apps below:

Finance, Internet Explorer, Maps, Music, News, People, Photos. You may use these if you are looking for something within the app. For example you may search Music to find a song, Maps to find a location, Mail to find a specific E-mail.
The difference when searching from one of the apps is that your results will not be shown on the right, the app will load up and your results will be displayed within the app its self.

To exit the Search Charm at anytime just press the Windows key with will take you back to the Metro Interface or the Desktop, also selecting one of the results will take you away from the Search Charm.

I hope this has helped you understand the new Search Charm in Windows 8 a bit better.

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