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Malware Removal - MalwareBytes

We have established that there is plenty of nasty programs around that you can inadvertently install on your PC. Obviously prevention is better than cure but the fact your reading this probably means your past the prevention stage. So lets have a look at the curing stage.

As a side note, I am not connected with the products listed on the pages listed on this site, these are programs that i use myself when fixing PC's. My only affiliation might be through adverts placed on the site. So you can be assured that im not trying to sell you anything, its unbiased advice based on what I have experienced.

The first point of call is to install MalwareBytes directly from the Malwarebytes website, don't use Peer 2 Peer or torrents to download the file as you might find that it has been altered and may do more harm than good. Download the required setup file from and you can rest assured the file is clean and safe to run on your PC.

Malwarebytes has a free version which is more than acceptable for removing the nasties. If you are computer savvy then just jump a head and run the program and do a system scan. At this stage since we are expecting malware on the PC don't bother with a quick scan. Do a full System scan, yes it takes longer and we are all impatient to a degree but there is no point in doing a quick scan and missing potential malware.

For those who are not quite as computer savvy lets look at the steps needed to use the program. Its not hard honest. Left click this link and you will see this screen.

malwarebytes download

Left Click the Blue 'Download Free Trial' button.
You will then automatically be taken to the download page hosted by CNET. You will see a page very similar to this.

CNET Download

Left click the 'Download Now' Link.
You will then get a box pop up confirming the download, click yes to start downloading it to your PC. Different browser plugins have different boxes for downloading files so its not worth having a screen shot. They all do the same thing, depending on your internet speed your download will be complete in a few minutes.

Now hopefully you remembered where the file was saved to, if not take it as a learning experience, first check 'My Documents' or C:\Downloads or your desktop. If you cant find it you will have to have a search through your PC. The setup file your looking for is called 'mbam-setup-1.46.exe'. The file name is correct at the time of writing but it may change with different updates and versions.

Once you have located the file, double left click it to start the installation. When the installation starts do the following.

Malware bytes will then automatically update its definitions, the definitions are just a set of instructions used to detect Malware, you should let it update its definitions often.

You will see a screen like this as it updates itself. It shouldn't take very long, a few minutes depending on connection speed.

updating malwarebytes

Once it has finished updating itself you should see a box like this popup confirming that the update has been installed successfully.

database updated

Your Version number will most likely be different, that's normal.
Left Click 'OK' and wait a second and the main Malware Bytes window will pop up.

The main window should look something very similar to this below

malwarebytes main window

Select the 'Perform Full Scan' button then left click 'Scan'
The next window will let you select the drives you want to scan, typically you will want to scan C:\ Drive as that is the default drive for most Windows installations. You can scan CD's and any other external drives here too.. We will just be scanning C:\ in this tutorial but the process is the same for any other drive listed.

drive scan selection

Make sure C:\ is selected if its not then just left click the empty square to put the tick in place and that means it's selected

Then Left click 'Scan'

Now you should see the screen below, you are going to be in for a bit of a wait so you might aswell go and make a cup of tea. It all depends on how many files you have on your system it could take 20 minutes or it could take much longer, my prefernce is to let it run over night and deal with it in the morning after my cornflakes. Typically you wont be doing a Full System Scan so it will be much quicker in the future but we want to make sure we dont have any nasties lurking anywhere.

malwarebytes scanning

Cup of tea time whilst it completes the scan, it has a lot of work to do so we cant complain. The more files you have and the slower your PC is then the more time it will take.

Once the scan is complete you will see a window like the one below.

scan successful

Left click 'OK' to be taken to the next screen. Now you get a summary of the results, which include how many nasties it has found listed in red plus also how long it took to do the scan as you can see, this scan took nearly 4 hours and found 4 objects which it considers to be malware.

result page

Left Click 'Show Results'
As you can see below, it names the Malware it has detected, there are 4 occurrences and it has automatically selected them by including the check marks down the left hand side. We dont want these on our PC so we will let the program do it thing and take care of business for us.

removal page

Left click the 'Remove Selected button'
The PC will take a second or so depending on how many objects (different programs) it has detected whilst it removes them from your system. After a short period you will get a log file pop up in notepad by default. It is ok to just close the log file by clicking the Red X in the corner of notepad. You will also get a message box usually saying that your PC needs to be restarted before for the removal process to complete. The messagebox is giving you the option to restart the computer now. Unless you have a further quick task to carry out then its best to click Yes. Keep in mind that as soon as you click Yes the computer will start to shutdown and restart itself.

remove successful

When you are ready, Left click 'Yes' to restart your PC and complete the removal process.

Once yoru PC has restarted, which might take a little longer than usual then you can be happy that it has been cleaned effectively by Malwarebytes. Hopefully you should now get an increase in user speed or the niggling popups have gone. If it is just as slow as it was before then go through some of the other tutorials as it might not be a malware issue. Hopefully you haven't found the experience too stressful and if the tutorial has been of some help please let me know.

There will be an advanced malware removal tutorial coming soon which will go into detail on how to remove the really stubborn malware that wont even let you run a program such as malware bytes.

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