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Desktop Shortcut To The Internet Via Firefox

You want to make a shortcut on the desktop to your favorite web site, or maybe to a website that you visit a lot. You want it to open in Firefox not Internet Explorer, We've got you covered! The tutorial below will show you how to make a shortcut on your desktop to the Internet that will open in the Firefox browser.

Step One

Locate your Firefox Icon on the desktop

Firefox Desktop Icon

Step Two

Right Click the Firefox Icon and select Copy

Copying Firefox Desktop shortcut

Step Three

Right Click in an empty space on the Desktop

Pasting Firefox Desktop Icon

Step Four

Now you should have two Firefox Icons

Displaying Both Firefox Icons

Step Five

Right Click One of the Firefox Icons and Select Properties

Right Clicking Firefox with properties highlighted

Step Six

In the Target box you will see:- Assuming you installed firefox in its default location
"C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe"
To create the shortcut you need to add a space to the end of that line and then enter the URL you with Firefox to Open
For the example I have entered this website (Adamsdvds).
Our old site name

Firefox Properties displaying Target

Step Seven

Click on the general Tab and Change the Name of the Icon
It will most likely be named Firefox at the moment, you don't have to change this but it is wise to do so, Changing the name to the Web Site Name is a good reminder.

Firefox properties displaying Icon Name

Step Eight

Click Ok

Firefox properties Ok Button


If you look at the two firefox icons again now you will see that the one you have just edited has the changed
In this example
Firefox - Will still function as did before
Adamsdvds - Will open Firefox and go straight to

Both Firefox Shortcut Icons

Well Done!

You have now created a desktop shortcut to the Internet using firefox as the preferred browser. That's all you have to do, all there is to do now is simply double click your shortcut and your URL will open.There are many more tutorials to come soon focusing around this area of Firefox, more so with Version 2 so keep checking back for updates in the Firefox Section.

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