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How to Restore Firefox with MozBackup

We are going to show you how you can restore a Firefox Profile with MozBackup, this tutorial is assuming that you have all ready backed up Firefox with MozBackup. If not! go back to Firefox Tutorials for more information.

Step One

Open MozBackup by Double Clicking the MozBackup icon on the desktop

MozBackup Desktop Icon

Step Two

Click 'Next'

MozBackup Wizard

Step Three

Select Restore a Profile

MozBackup Operation select

Step Four

Select the Version of Firefox you wish to restore a backup to
In my case I have selected 'Mozilla Firefox
You version might be different.

MozBackup Firefox version select

Step Five

Click 'Next'

MozBackup use selected version

Step Six

If you get an error message saying:
"Mozilla Firefox is running. Exit it and click Retry button"
Then you need to close Firefox, once done Click 'Retry'
If not carry on to Step Seven.

MozBackup Error Message

Step Seven

Select the profile you want to restore.
(This is the file that you saved, when you used MozBackup to Backup Firefox) Then Click 'Next'

MozBackup Profile Selection

Step Eight

If you get the following error:
"The Backup file was not found or corrupted"
(Follow this link)
If you received no error continue onto Step Nine.

MozBackup error message

Step Nine

Select all the details that you want to restore.
Usually All of them
Then Click 'Next'

MozBackup component selection

Step Ten

you should now see something similar to the image below showing you the details of the restore once finished you can Click 'Finish'

MozBackup Report

Well Done!

You have just Restored a Firefox Profile Backup with MozBackup!

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