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Creating a new Facebook account

This tutorial will walk you through the first steps in creating your very own Facebook profile.
First things first, go to either by typing into the address bar or by clicking Here.

When Facebook loads up you will see a form like you see in the image below, move onto step one.

signup blank

Step One

Enter your details into each box, don't worry you can hide who can see this later.

signup filled in

Step Two

Type in the captcha (the letters or word in the security check) and click sign up.

facebook confirm

Step Three

If you would like to search your email contacts to add friends, type in your email and click 'Find friends'.
If not, click 'Skip this step'.

find friends

Step Four

Enter your details and click 'save and continue'. If you don't want to, just click 'Skip'.

profile info

Step Five

Here you can upload a Profile Picture to your Facebook. To do this, click on 'Upload a photo'.

upload photo

Step Six

Click on 'Choose File'

choose picture

Step Seven

Click on the folder where your pictures are saved, or wherever the photo you want to use is saved.
Click the image you want, and click open.

picture folder

Step Eight

Now just wait for it to upload =]

uploading picture

Step Nine

Your picture is now uploaded! Click on 'Save and continue.

save and continue


You have now created a Facebook page.

welcome to facebook

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